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Tour expert, consultants, escorts and guide at Evergreen Tours, Kathmandu

Shing Ch’in

China, Bhutan, Vietnam

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Raghu Budathoki


He is from Kathmandu. He has been guiding people from different parts of the world over 25 years. He knows all about the Nepalese history, culture and places. He speaks..

Mülner Tamara

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Marjolein Jorissen


She is a bachelor student from the Netherlands and does her internship in our company.

Kim L. Burney

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Mr Gyanu Mukhia

Europe, USA, Asia

He has master’s degree in Nepalese history, culture and architecture. He has over 25 years of experience taking people around Nepal and the high Himalayas. He speaks English, Japanese, French,..

Chitra B. Gurung

Europe, Asia

He started his career in 1987 working in a travel company. After gaining experience over 5 years he started his own in 1993. He did his bachelor of business from..

Bechara Mezannar


Over 95 000 miles Traveled covering 22% of the globe, 134 cities and 33 countries. Guided groups to high summits and underwater depth all over the Blue Planet. He is..

Anusha Gurung

China, Europe, USA

Graduate in International affair. She work as Business Development and international marketing.