Travel with confidence

Our commitment to your health and safety.

The world has changed, but our commitment to our guests, the guest experience and health and safety remains our key priority.

Evergreen Tours works with local and federal governments to ensure our protocols as well as meet and exceed the latest regulatory requirements. In addition, we implement the newest techniques to safeguard the health and safety of our guests and staff, while ensuring a wonderful guest experience.

We continuously update our protocols regarding health and safety. In advance of your departure, you will be informed about the latest procedures, which may include the following as a minimum guideline: 

travel with confidence medical evaluation

A safe start to your journey

Medical Evaluation

To make certain all of our guests are healthy – before your journey we will require you to complete a pre-departure medical health evaluation.

Travel with confidence brieing

A warm & safe welcome


Our Tour Director will host mandatory briefings upon arrival. This is designed to ensure our guests and staff are healthy and aware of the latest concerns. It also offers the opportunity to allay any concerns and ask any questions you may have about safety protocols.  

travel with confidence cleaning

Your Tour Experience

Enhanced cleaning & safety commitment

Cleaning and disinfecting of all vehicles will occur during and at the end of daily operations. Increased attention is made on high-touch hard surfaces areas, such seats, seat belts,  armrests, windowsills, and luggage areas. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be available for all guests. We will follow all government regulations regarding face masks. We encourage guests to bring their own face masks and to utilize social distancing if possible

travel with confidence

Trusted local partners

Carefully Selected Local Partners

As well as incorporating health and safety protocols with our staff and in our vehicles we work closely with our local partners to make sure they are compliant with all health and safety practices.
We continually review and update our protocols and guidelines as new information becomes available.